Mattijs vd Bosch Schilderijen en Werken op papier

juni 2022

Mattijs van den Bosch was born in Morocco and lived there for the first 9 years of his life before his family settled in Holland in a new housing estate in a suburb town. The vivid memories of his childhood surroundings enhanced by the fact that his father documented their life with homemovies and professional quality fullcolour slides has been of a huge  influence and very important at the begining of his artistic career. His way of looking has been shaped by memories of sunlit North African colonial architecture. The shock of the transition to the Netherlands, a country where everything is always “new” is echoing in his works. The result of this confrontation  with his new surroundings can be seen in his depiction of the melancholic sunlight on modern buildings and landscapes and his way of looking at his everyday surroundings.

The fascination with everyday life in this new modern world   is palbable in Mattijs’s work. Some things just have not been painted yet and this is what attracts him. A man wrestling to fold a cardoard box to fit in in a seperated paper dustbin. A student studying on a balcony during the Covid 19-pandemic. A group of tourists on rented bikes...

It is only for the recent years that it was possible for Mattijs   to return to Morocco for extended periods of time to work there. In 3 consecutive  stays in Morroco and more recently during a trip to Spain Mattijs engaged in working after the mediterranian and atlantic landscape as he re-discovered it. The trips he made can be seen as “self-imposed challenges”, “take your paintgear with you , install yourself in a place and start working from scratch and see what happens”. The resulting works are mainly in the  watercolour technique, his favourite medium while traveling.

The works showed in this exhibition  are recent big paintings of everyday citylife on paper and canvas, some outtakes that never fitted in at different earlier exhibitions but do now, and works on paper made during a recent stay in Spain.

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